Replacement Exhaust Manifold for Tii

A BMW tii exhaust manifold, part number 11 62 0 743100 costs about $90 devoid of injector tubes or EGR fittings, slips on a 320i, and mates with the exhaust pipe flange as though it had been made for it. A tii heat shield, part number 11 62 0 743130, makes it look...

Exhaust Systems Vibration

One of the most common complaints about flow through exhaust systems is that they cause a great deal of vibration in the car. This is partially true. If anyone with a 1974 has installed such an exhaust, you may notice a very resonant buzzing sound around 2500 rpm. I...

Exhaust Fumes Entering Passenger Compartment

After having my BMW 2002 garaged for the winter, I noticed that the interior of the car was filling up with exhaust fumes. I started searching for a leaky muffler or hole in the trunk of the car which would have been leaking exhaust fumes into the interior.

BMW 2002tii Exhaust Tip

I put a Starla exhaust system on my 1973 BMW 2002tii and the car developed an exhaust resonance between 3800 and 4300 rpm and later at around 3200 rpm.The Starla was the suspect, since its muffler was a poor fit…. Many people have had excellent results from the BMW OEM systems, made by either Eberspacher or by Leistritz.