For a small investment in your time, some WD40, and some light oil, along with the aid of a small phillips screwdriver, you too can bring your washer motor back to life. The motor drives a simple gear-type pump and much of the time a failure is due to inadequate lubrication, causing everything to seize up.

How to fix:

Disconnect wires from the motor, pull the fluid container and motor out of the car, and disconnect the motor and brace assembly from the container. Disconnect the motor from the brace by unscrewing the four small screws. The impeller shaft will now be exposed and will be very difficult to turn by hand. Liberally use the WD-40 at the base of the shaft until it turns freely. Lubricate the gears of the pump mechanism. Carefully reassemble everything, tightening the small screws and nuts well.

Note the small plastic plug at the back end of the motor. Pry it loose and fill the gap with some very light oil or WD-40, thus keeping the armature lubricated. Reconnect the wires and you will find that the pump spritzes like it used to, and you have saved anywhere from $11 to $55.

Author: Steve Mercurio