Recently the wiper motor in my ’69 2002 failed. It was not rebuildable due to an open winding and I was not overjoyed at the prospect of spending the better part of $100 to replace it with a new factory unit. A call to Circle Tire Company in Sherborn, Mass. resulted in my buying a used motor from a ’72 2002 with the guarantee that it would work, but would not park. To overcome this I made some wiring changes as indicated below and now my “new” motor works fine.

Author: Ed Riordan

  1. Remove wiper mounting/control bars from car by removing two 7/8″ nuts below windshield.
  2. Redrill mount assembly (3 new holes)
  3. Remountwipermounting/control bars in car.

Wiper motor failures are quite common on pre-’72 four-cylinder cars. This makes the possibility of finding a good used motor almost non-existent. “Good” used nine-year-old parts are hard to find and it’s good to see a conversion using more readily available ’72-’76 parts. Tech. Editor

Author: Tech. Editor