Follow-Up On Windshield Wiper Pulser

Re. the article El Cheapo Windshield Wiper Pulser 2002 in the October Roundel: it does matter which of the two brown-black wires on the wiper relay you cut to splice in the on-off switch. One wire runs back to the wiper switch on the steering column, the other to the washer pump.

The switch should be installed on the wire to the pump. You can determine which is which by pulling the brown-black wire off the pump and detaching the relay from its socket. Using a voltmeter, check for continuity between the pump and the relay socket.

I cut the wrong wire on my ’73 2002 and had the pump operating with no wiper pulse in one position and “nothing” in the other switch position. This was a great article I’d love to see more tips of this nature. Incidentally, my toggle switch is neatly hidden underneath the radio speaker in the console of my non-A/C 2002.

Author: John McKay


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