Cheap Windshield Wiper Pulser 2002

Say it’s just barely misting and can’t make up its mind whether it should rain or quit while you’re trying to make up your mind whether to leave the wipers on or off? Meanwhile, you’re doing the old “pushpull-click-click” to the wiper stalk switch ’til you feel like either the switch will wear out or your forefinger will.

Do you realize that you already have a wiper pulser in that 2002? Sure . . . When you pull the stalk toward you, the washers squirt the windshield and they pulse the wipers about 3 or 4 cycles, then they quit automatically!

If you could just turn off the washer portion when you wanted to, all that would remain would be the “pulse” feature. Here’s how:

Remove the furthest left under-dash panel (the one near your hood release lever). Locate the small black box near the firewall. This is the windshield wiper relay. It’s the 6 blade one N don’t confuse it with the 4 blade one which is your turn signal relay.

Slide the relay off its mounting bracket so you can work better. Locate the 2 brown/black wires going to one contact in the relay connector. Pull some slack in either of these wires N it doesn’t matter which. Cut this wire in two and splice in wires to a simple “on-off” switch. Locate the switch in any convenient place of your choosing.

Replace the relay on its bracket and replace the panel. Now, if you want “washer and pulse”, just pull on the stalk as before, but if you just want “pulse”, f lip the switch. You have cut out the washer motor, but the “pulse” is still there.

Now, when you get into one of those “Is it or isn’t it?” rains, just a flick of your finger every once in a while will do the trick!

Author: Stan Simm


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