Window Seal Replacement

If the outside rubber seal against the glass of the roll-up windows in your BMW 2002 has cracked, deteriorated, or shredded itself, you can easily replace them in a few minutes’ time with a newer plastic seal that comes on the newer cars. 1976 models have them and ’75’s may also, but ’74’s and earlier do not.

The old seals had the trailing edge against the window, so even if the rubber was treated, often with a preservative, the action of rolling the window up and down tended to damage them. The new seals are not only made of plastic, but the edge against the glass is a bend and it incorporates a built-in felt molding against the glass.

To replace the seal, begin by removing the entire chrome strip at the outside base of the window. To do this, tap up gently against the chrome moulding with the edge of a block of soft wood and a light hammer. When the moulding is removed, the seal for the window and the bottom of the vent window will come off with it. Simply pull on the seal to remove it. You will see that it is held in place in a “V” track. You should have no difficulty in removing the old seal, but installing the new one takes a little more effort. I tried to spray it with silicone and slide it in from the end, but could only get it in about one third of the way. Instead I placed the entire seal over the track and pushed it in from the top with the aid of a very small screw driver to seat it. By the way, the old seal had a single strip which slid into the track. The new seal has a folded edge like a “V” which is flattened to put it into the track. Trim the seal with a razor blade if it is too long, tap the chrome moulding back on and you’re all set. The new seal will make a big difference, not only in appearance, but in sealing out water as well. The part number for the new seal is 51 21 1 847 798 and lists for $2.34.

Author: Bob Mitchell


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