Owners of BMW 2002 might be interested in an inexpensive alternative repair for a common problem with the window regulator mechanism lurking inside the doors.

The original crank mechanisms tend to weaken at the pivot point, held together with a rivet. After years of use, this eventually lets go and elicits a rather disheartening "clunk followed by an Inability to raise the glass. I had the misfortune of this experience twice in the last month and in both cases was left with a lowered window and threatening rain-showers. A quick trip to my local BMW dealership provided what is becoming a customary experience of helpfulness and concern.

The service manager offered me an alternative to what was formerly a replacement situation costing $30 in parts alone. The suggested repair was to remove the old mechanism and use a Mercedes Benz "window regulator rivet kit, part number 115 586 01 72", (please see comments about part number change) consisting of a pin and an E-clip,. costing all of .43. I removed the door hardware and door panel, unbolted the three 10-mm bolts that secure the window regulator mechanism and pulled the mechanism from the inner door cavity. I replaced the failed rivet with the M-B part and had my window and door back together again before the rains came.

The mechanism is riveted together in three locations so it pays to have at least one spare repair kit on hand at all times. A heartfelt thanks and hats-off to my local BMW dealership is hereby offered for their ingenuity and concern in helping a customer actually save time and money.

Author: Thomas J. Unger

BMW Window Regulators, Doors and Check Stops

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