Improve Visibility Windows Glass

Visibility is an important safety consideration, especially in wet weather. Many of us have used a product called RainX which causes water to bead and slide off your windshield dramatically improving visibility. A new product, STP Vision Blade, does the same thing and last longer (up to 6 months).

Having just completed a 2,500 miles round trip to the Florida Keys, I found that the Vision Blade treatment not only helps in the wet, but bugs don’t smash on the windshield nearly as often (they slide off too), the windshield washers work much better, and the glass stays cleaner and is easier to clean. The improved wet weather visibility is especially helpful at night.

Application Tip:

Treat all your windows and the mirrors. There is enough Vision Blade in the dispenser to treat two vehicles. As it must be used when the vial is broken, have both vehicles ready for threatment before beginning.

Author: Dave Strom
Tidewater Chapter
Das Kummet, May-June 1998


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