Bavaria Window Trim Strip

The suggestion applies to fellow Bavaria owners who have chips or holes in the black plastic portion of the window aperture outer trim strip. This particular strip appears to be one of the components on the Bavaria especially susceptible to cracking or chipping. A check with your local parts man will show that the entire outer trim strip must be ordered to replace just the plastic section.

I found those plastic chrome trim strips normally applied to door edges for the prevention of accidental chipping solved the problem for my Bavaria. I purchased two sets, each set containing two strips 33 inches in length at 97¢ per set and had enough to cover all four doors. Installation is simple and can be accomplished in about 30 minutes; simply lift one end of the black strip with a flat-bladed screwdriver or knife and wedge the chrome trim over and under the black outer trim strip.

Author: Richard D. Sukey


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