Rear Shock Removal

Rear Shock Removal for 2500, 2800, Bavaria, 3.0Si

As an alternative and simpler approach to removing the three top nuts on the rear shocks as described in the August ’77 Roundel, page 36, try the following:

  1. Remove back of rear seat.
  2. Remove package shelf cover.
  3. Three access holes directly above each shock will be accessible after peeling back the tarpaper-like cover used to seal them. The nuts on the top of the shocks are now directly accessible via a short extension on your ratchet wrench.

Author: Walt Light

When following this procedure, be careful not to hit (and break) the rear window with the ratchet handle. Also, put some duct tape on the holes you have left in the tarpaper. This will prevent exhaust gas from entering the car.

Author: Tech Ed.


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