1972 Bavaria Steering Pump

The power steering pump on my 1972 Bavaria would complain loudly when the car was cold, if the fluid reservoir was not completely full, and on other occasions. Then, the noise became worse, the reservoir no longer worked, and steering, especially at lower rpm’s, actually became harder.

A trip to the dealer resulted in a recommendation for a new pump $460.80 plus installation. Trying to find an alternate solution, I asked that the following be done:

  1. Bleed the power steering system and refill it
  2. Tighten the power steering belt, and
  3. Remove the air conditioner belt (never use it anyway).

Surprise! Problem solved. There have been no problems since. Lesson: make sure the current system is running properly before buying a new one.

Now for the questions: How long should the power steering pump on this car last? Assuming I will one day have to replace it, are there any suggestions on reducing the incredible cost? Can a new one be bought cheaper from other than a dealer? Can they be rebuilt? Could I somehow order one surreptitiously through friends in Germany and bypass the BMWNA/dealer upcharges?

Author: Mark Upson 111

Answers: A very long time (service as your handbook suggests). Ask BMWNA why they cost so much. If you can find another source, it should be cheaper but by how much I can’t say. (Get one now from a wrecked Bavaria. Any part you have in readiness for replacement seldom fails.l) We’re checking on whether or not they can be rebuilt. You could check with your friends and find out what difference in price there would be if one were to be smuggled in from Germany. N Tech Ed.


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