Like John Kleinhans of Spencer, NY (Roundel, December, 1974), those Klippan three-point “spaghetti” belts have been a constant source of irritation in four otherwise enjoyable years with my early 1971 2002. The Klippans in my father’s early 1972 3.0 Bavaria (just replaced with a 3.0S) were almost as bad.During the 1972 model year, BMW junked the Klippans and went to Repa retractable belts, which the March 17, 1973 issue of Auto Motor undSport judged the best in their class. My local BMW parts department wants $77 each, including anchors and hardware, for the Repa belts.

I did a bit of investigation and found that Audi and Porsche have consistently used the same Repa model BMW now uses since 1973 and Audi wants 542.20 less for two Repa belts, anchors and hardware than does BMW.

Audi part numbers

  • left front: 810 019 805A;
  • right front: 810 019 806A;
  • anchors: 810 019 831

The seat belts are $47.10 each and the anchors are $8.80 each. Note: earlier Audi models used a Klippan retractable with different parts numbers.

Author: Craig T. Reisser

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