Accelerator Pedal Vibrating

My 1974 2002 had a rattle that seemed to be coming from inside the left door but which was actually the accelerator pedal vibrating against the end of the linkage protruding through the floor.The cure was not to alter the shape of the steel strip connecting the pedal to the linkage as this would interfere with the free movement of the pedal. The linkage itself should be adjusted at the place where the horizontal segment of linkage coming back from the carb meets the relatively vertical segment in front of the firewall.

The adjusting nut is threaded onto the vertical part. After carefully removing the retaining clip, it should be so that there is a very slight bit of tension upwards on the vertical segment caused by the horizontal segment.

The return spring is attached to the horizontal segment. Too much of an adjustment will increase the idle speed. There is enough play in the linkage at the carb that one or two turns of the adjusting nut will not affect the idle speed, however.

Author: Delph R. Wilson


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