Various Interchangeable BMW Replacement Parts

The following listings are various interchangeable parts for the BMW 1602 and BMW 2002 from 1968 to, but not including, the two-barrel 2002.

BMW Air filter:

Purolator AFP 50, Fram CA189PL, Lee AFL 132, Apco AA 189, AC A132C.

BMW Points:

one piece N Bendix EC-18, Borg-Warner A-518 or A-520; two piece N Borg-Warner A-500.

BMW Thermostat:

Standard-Thompson (NAPA) 140.

BMW Gulp valve:

Opel 851576.

BMW Belts:

BMW Fan belt: Goodyear 13T 344, Texaco 316
BMW Air pump belt: Goodyear 13T 315, Texaco 307
These are generally for emergency use, since the V-shape is different.

BMW Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit:

VW 111-198-555.

In general, stick to OEM or Bosch components, but it’s good to know that there are other things that will work if the need arises.

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