Squealing BMW Disc Brakes

Perhaps one of the more common problems has been squealing disc brakes on the larger BMW’s.

Several steps can be taken to eliminate this problem.

  1. Change to new pads, as most pads begin to squeal when they wear.
  2. Bleed brakes and/or change brake fluid.
  3. Clean contact area on pistons.
  4. Check and adjust wheel bearings.
  5. Rough up the back, not the front, of the brake pads where they contact the pistons.
  6. Make an insert of the same size as the pad of Teflon or roof flashing material and instal between pads and pistons.
  7. Bevel the leading edges and trailing edges of the lining.
  8. Check with your dealer or other club members. Never use grease or oil around contact surfaces of brake and rotor; use only solutions specifically designed for cleaning brakes.

Author: Bob Gotshall


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