Signs of Pending Wheel Bearing Failure

Knowing when a front wheel bearing is running under duress and might quit at any minute is important knowledge to the service mechanic and vehicle owner alike. Some warning signals of imminent bearing failure are:

  • Increased vehicle vibration.
  • Any increase in “rolling noise.”
  • Elevation of operating temperatures which can show up as a burning odor at the affected wheel or even indications of smoke and lubricant leakage.

It really doesn’t take a genius to know when a front wheel bearing is running poorly or that it has already failed. Nor is the step-by-step procedure of bearing replacement, including lubrication and adjustment, any super-tough skill to master.

The real test of technical know-how is to be able to interpret the cause of bearing failure so that the replacement bearing assembly will not be exposed to the same conditions and the same likely fate.

Author: Unknown


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