NAPA Filters and Belts

As a NAPA dealer, I suggest you try the following items for your BMW.

The 1968-74 BMW 2002 uses a NAPA 1339 oil filter and a 2021 air filter (check size).

The 1971-74 BMW Bavaria uses a NAPA 1099 oil filter and two 2021 air filters. The gasket with the 1099 oil filter does not fit, so be careful of the old one on your filter. Try using a 3012 gas filter on any model.

I am now using the following NAPA belts on my 1972 Bavaria:

  • 297 on the fan/ alternator
  • 107 on the power steering
  • 47 on the air conditioning.

There are NAPA jobbers nationwide so this could come in handy.

Author: George M. Brokaw


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