Champion Spark Plug Controversy

There has been some information floating around that Champion spark plugs should not be used in BMWs because their cut threads will damage the head. There is no foundation to this statement, since Champions have been manufactured with rolled threads since 1956 and will do no damage to the BMW cylinder head. Thanks to Harmon Fischer of the Bayou Chapter and L. V. Koles of the Champion Spark Plug Company for clearing this up. J. J. Ryan, Technical Manager of BMW NA notes that in some instances Champions are used as original equipment in BMWs. He also stated that 18-22 footpounds of torque should be used in seating the plugs.

Check Your Points

Before installing a new set of points, vou can check the alignment fairly easily with a piece of carbon paper pressed between the two surfaces. If they are well aligned, the carbon should be evenly deposited on the other side of the points.

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