BMW Bavaria Oil Filter Change Technique

If you have a set of ramps to drive the front of your BMW Bavaria up on, you may prefer this method of changing oil filters on a Bavaria.

Once the car has been driven up on the ramps, and a bucket placed under the filter;

  1. Release the oil filter retaining bolt but do not remove it.
  2. Work the filter down until it is resting on the sway bar.
  3. Remove the filter retaining bolt and the oil will drain from the canister.
  4. Reach down from the top and pull out the canister and the filter.
  5. Reassemble the canister with the new filter and the bolt/spring/washer combination.
  6. Place the reassembled canister back on the front sway bar with the retaining bolt resting on the bar so it won’t fall out.
  7. Get back under and secure the canister.

I find this a much cleaner technique/procedure than that described in the October-November, 1975 Roundel. You may have to initially reposition the power steering hoses to do it this way.

Author: Walter Light


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