Rectangular Lamp Installation

Considerations in mounting auxiliary lamps are position for lamp efficiency (greatest road illumination), elimination of vibration, protection in parking, and discouragement of theft. Rectangular lamps such as the Cibie series 95 can be neatly integrated into the BMW 2002 structure, nicely satisfying these concerns.

The lamps were pendant-mounted (inverted) from a transverse piece of quarter-inch steel bar stock attached to two-inch long studs protruding forward from the headlight surround and the horn support. Nuts on both sides of the bar stock support allow lateral adjustment of the lamp, as the usual swivel adjustment is not possible here.

Rectangular openings in the grilles were made before mounting the lamps and the lamp position was adjusted to fit the new grille openings. A notch was filed into the back of each grille segment and a piece of welding rod was epoxied across the notches to attach the free-hanging segments to the fixed, uncut segments. Black trim material was pried off the excised grille segments and fitted to the chrome grille strips, as the chrome no longer served any graphic function.

If done carefully, this is a neat installation whose only disadvantage is its somewhat Mustang-like appearance.

Painting the auxiliary lamp trim rings black might reduce that impression a bit. The Cibie passing beams are excellent for freeway driving here in California, providing a flat-topped, long beam down the lane ahead, with excellent peripheral illumination and fog cutting characteristics .

Thanks to Joe Chamberlain for providing drawings, suggestions, and the necessary courage to take saw in hand and attack bucks and bucks worth of grille.

Author: David Wing


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