Flush Mount Back-up Light

Using a Carello clear lens rectangular fog lamp, I devised a very neat and attractive (and useful) arrangement for mounting a light in the back panel of a four cylinder BMW 2002. Prior to doing this, I had wired up the regular back-up lights so that I could turn them on without having to shift into reverse. While this worked well, I found that there were times when I needed more light.

I examined several methods for mounting lights in the rear, but found none to be as attractive as this one, developed by another CCA member.

Using a template and a saber saw, I cut the necessary hole in the back panel. Remove any rough edges and coat the edges of the cut with something that will prevent any rust from starting. Removing the two screws that hold the lamp together, I reassembled it, using an extra gasket so that both sides of the lamp would be leak and shock protected. You will have to find two screws just one-quarter inch longer, any longer than that and they will puncture the reflector assembly inside the lamp — the original screws will not be long enough. Run the hot lead to the lamp over to the back-up lamp on the left side of the car. The resulting installation is watertight, vibration-free, quite aesthetic, and useful.

Author: Robert D. Mitchell


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