Dashboard Switch Installation for Dome Light

The 1976 BMW 2002 is without a method of controlling the dome light from the dashboard. For me, as a six-foot-plus driver, I find it difficult to actually reach the dome light switch without contorting my body into shapes that no person deserves to observe.

You will need an SPST switch, or use the spare green button on the console. Gaining access to the wire behind the door-controlled dome light switches presents no problem. One need only remove a bit of the carpet directly behind the switches. Actually, do not remove (like in cut), just peel back enough to give you a view of a nice, neat, round, one-inch hole provided by BMW. Connect a length of wire (Scotchlok Brand auto connectors are perfect for these applications) to the line running from the door button switch. Connect this wire to the spare switch you have provided and ground the other side of the switch. Presto! a simple, easy-to-reach dome light switch.

Author: Paul Joseph Browne


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