BMW Indicator Light Installation for Fog Lights and Rear Defogger

One of the most perplexing deficiencies of a 1972 BMW 2002 has been the lack of indication at the dashboard concerning fog (or running) light status as well as rear window defogger energizing.

A remedy is at hand.

  1. Remove the entire instrument panel in the usual manner
  2. Access is now gained to the rear of the lamp switch as well as the rear window defogger switch.
  3. Remove the knobs (these unscrew) and carefully drill a 5-11/16 inch hole under the switches. Use care inasmuch as the dash material is under covered with a foam material and a drill proceeds rapidly through the face. The actual diameter of the hole depends upon what light indication you use (Industrial Devices, Inc., has the largest selection of 12-volt indicator bulbs imaginable).
  4. The indicator light simply slides through the hole and is anchored in the back. These lights last for upwards of 100,000 hours so don’t worry about replacement.
  5. Securely ground one lead from each light.
  6. Attach the other to the wire going from the switch to the device being controlled (test for this with the light by switching and observing the indication). Again, depending on the indication chosen, it should be secured appropriately (I used speed nuts).

Once everything is back together, you’ll have a light indicator for both the rear defogger and your fog/running lights.


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