BMW 2002 Side Marker Light Replacement

Here’s a way to save a few bucks if you’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of having one of your BMW 2002 side marker lenses broken by some parking lot idiot.

After you’ve kicked in the other guy’s quarter panel and ripped off his wipers — you will find that the new lens can only be purchased as a unit with the light, rubber backing, and wire, setting you back about $14.98. However, since you need only the lens, you’re stuck with the rest of the stuff.

Instead, buy the rear reflector assembly, the one just above the bumper and just inside the bumper guards. The cost here is only (?) $10.94. Part numbers are 63141353 055 left and 056 right. It isn’t much, but at least you can congratulate yourself on outsmarting BMW in one small area.

Author: Dave Roach


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