Tip For Working Under Dash Comfort

While working under the dash of my 1973 BMW 2002 the other day, I had an idea that possibly others may not have thought of. Instead of becoming a contortionist, why not just remove the front seats? It’s a simple four-bolt process and takes only ten or fifteen minutes.

While your at it, take the opportunity to clean the seats as well. I used Dupont vinyl top cleaner with a stiff brush and then (believe it or not) rinsed the seats with a garden hose! Be careful not to wet the undersides. If you have any rips in your upholstery I would not advise this procedure.

Dry off the seats with a soft towel and then put them in the sun. If you use Armor-AII, coat them at this time. My seats were five years old when I cleaned them this way They came out looking like new with all of the dirt and grime out of the vinyl pores that the vacuum could not clean thoroughly.

Author: Hal Laurent


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