BMW Glovebox Lock Parts and Installation

BMW Glovebox Lock Installation

For those of you who have always desired a locking glove-box for your 1600, 2002, or 2002tii, an original equipment lock is available from your BMW dealer’s parts department. The glovebox part number is 51 161 800 705 and the price currently is between ten and eleven dollars. This will give you the complete lock and two keys, which are similar to trunk keys for a BMW 2002.

Installation is quite simple and takes a minimum of time, tools, and experience. In fact, the cutout through the parcel tray has already been made for you. Open the glove-box and look above the latch on the flat surface below the parcel tray. You should find a circular cutout which is flat on opposite sides All you have to do is to carefully cut out the foam covering above this cutout and slip the lock into place from the top. Screw on the nut from the bottom and you are all set The key will turn the lock tab under the lip of the glove-box latch so that it cannot be opened.

The one place where you will want to exercise caution is in cutting through the foam above the cutout. Try to cut the foam in a smaller circle than the cutout because the collar of the lock doesn’t extend much over the hole which you have cut. If you should cut away too much, simply place a washer of chrome or black plastic around the lock before slipping it through the cutout.

Author: Bob Mitchell


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