BMW Glovebox Lock Alternative

bmw-glovebox-lock.jpg After perusing Bob Mitchell’s excellent article in the October ’76 Roundel, I got to thinking… A glovebox lock is a cabinet lock! Why does it have to be a BMW factory PIN?

A quick trip to the hardware store confirmed my hypothesis. A Corbin #K-15760 for $3.11 did the trick. Following Herr Mitchell’s instructions, my only modification was the addition of a spacer on top to properly position the locking arm in relation to the glovebox latch. I used a rubber washer 3/8″ thick, 1″ 0 D., 314″ I.D. You could just as easily use one of wood or metal and it could be a somewhat larger outside diameter without any problem whatsoever. The Corbin kit comes with two arms, one straight and one bent use the bent one and position it up, rather than down, so that its tip points just at or above the latch which is affixed to the under side of the dash.

Other than the slightly higher protrusion topside, it’s just as functional as the one from Munich for about $7.00 less!

Author: Stan Simm


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