Two-Barrel Weber Carburetor E-12 Head v. 1972 2002tii Head

I plan to install Webers on my 1972 BMW 2002. One will be rebuilding the engine and putting on an E-12 head. What Weber Carburetor (or Webers) should I use?

Author: Betsy Daly
12100 Dawn Lane, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Use the two-barrel Weber presently being advertised by some Roundel advertisers. Make sure the air cleaner assembly and the accelerator linkage are well made and correct for the application. Check also to see that the carb has been correctly rejetted for your car. Why an E-12 head, which has lower compression than the 121 TI head which came with your car? Don’t you want the 1972 2002tii head, with the 46-mm intake valves, high-compression, and no fuel pump hole? Contact Korman Autoworks, P.O. Box 6804, Greensboro, NC 27405, 919) 273-9604 for information on both the heads and the Weber kit. Tech Ed.


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