Tii Fuel Line Abrasion Solution

Since the fuel pump on the 2002 tii is an electric one, it keeps pumping as long as the ignition is on. In case of a break in the fuel line, fuel will be pumped out in a steady stream as long as the ignition is on.

Beware of abrasion of the fuel line between the fuel filter and the injection unit.

An innocent-looking rubbed patch on my car ruptured and pumped a quarter of a tank of gasoline into the hood area in approximately five minutes.

I suggest replacement with heavy duty fuel line from a truck equipment establishment.

Airco makes a 5/16″ line which is wire-reinforced and suitable for use. I have replaced all fuel lines on my BMW with this. It is somewhat thicker than the original but much stronger.

It should also help the situation if the alternator breaks loose and tries to chew your fuel line, as has been known to happen.

Oh, yes, I now carry a dry chemical fire extinguisher mounted on the floor under my knees and have secured a suitable wrench by the battery in order to accomplish a quick disconnect under short-circuit conditions.

Author: Jeff Sanders
Perkasie, PA

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  1. Derek Gzaskow

    Did you use this for the returnn fuel liine as well? tia NMDerek

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