Tii Braided Fuel Line Replacement

At some time in your car’s life, you will need to replace the braided fuel line, BMW part number 16121 108 711, a two-meter length, for around $9. You will need almost all of it to do a complete job, since there are five pieces to replace. This is an excellent time to check the wire fuel filters, and to replace the paper filter next to the radiator.

To begin with, let your tank get really low, even below the “reserve” mark on the gauge In my car, the lower edge of the “reserve” red line means 2% gallons in the tank.

Drain the tank completely using the drain plug on the bottom of the tank.

Disconnect the negative ground strap from your battery, as sparks could cause premature end of you and car. Have a small basin handy to catch the small quantities of gas in the line as you disconnect a piece of the old line.

Cut new line to the length of the old piece being replaced. The old clamps could be replaced with new aircraft-type clamps (try to find them, ha!!), or use the old ones if still in usable shape. Open them fully, as the line must pass over a bulge on the tube being slipped over by braided line.

There are two pieces at the fuel pump, one piece below and one above the paper filter, and a piece to the thermo-switch. There is no need to over-tighten the fuel line — just enough to have no leaks.

When finished, refill tank with residual gas, and start car. Any leaks will show themselves very soon.

In my car, a two-year-old car with 34,000 miles still has good fuel line in all parts, but there have been a number of early failures, around 17,000 miles or so.

Author: Robert Yohe
Rocky Hill, CT


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