Far be it from me to say anything derogatory about our little German vundercars; however, those Solex carburetors have just got to go.

My quick fix came from Karzundpartz in North Carolina in a one and one-half foot square box. Inside was a shiny new Weber carburetor complete with everything, no kidding; choke cable, fuel hoses, clamps and filter, air filter and linkage rod for the accelerator, and two whole pages worth of instructions. With a hi-speed distributor of the nonvacuum-advance type, the price came to $230.

The surprise is that this is a true do-it-yourself bolt-on carburetor which can be installed by anyone. For a good example, I was wearing a cast on one leg from my ankle to my hip, and did the whole job in under two hours. The results are great. The car runs like a top, the ugly Solex with intermittent automatic choke is gone, and my vundercar is even more vunderful.

If you can change your oil, you can put this baby on your car in one afternoon. The guys at Karzundpartz were very helpful on the phone, and they really know their stuff.

Author: Daniel P. Wiener

Good idea, Daniel. I know that this set-up works very well, but do suggest that Club members check with their local state regulatory agencies for the various rules and regulations on this conversion. Tech. Ed.