Oversized Carburetors Jet Replacement Option

If you need oversize jets for the two-barrel carb in later 2002, and don’t want to wait for your BMW dealer to order them, try a VW dealer, since some VW jets will interchange.

VW dealers usually stock a fair assortment of jets and those they don’t have they can usually order and get in a week.

Some dealers insist that you order by part number rather than jet size — more cooperative parts managers will look up the size for you.

If you happen to get stuck with one of the less-helpful variety, VW part #11 1 129 405D is a 120.0 jet and 05 6 129 405A is a 122.5.

Author: John Fullingim
Waco, TX

Note: For those of you who do your own repairs and modifications on your Solex carburetors, I would recommend that you write
Hoosier, International
P.O. Box 595
Warsaw, IN 46580

or call (219) 267-8131.

They are the main distributors of Solex Carburetors and parts for the United States. Their prices will be less than your dealers.


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