More on Fuel Tank Maintenance

After purchasing a 1967 BMW 1600 2 last Fall, I filled it with gas and then watched the gas leak out on the ground! After removing the rusty screws (with the aid of a wonderful product called Marvel oil, I thoroughly cleaned the tank of rust (especially along the welded seam).

I then applied another excellent product, Seal-All, inside the seam. With the tank on its side, the Seal-All could penetrate into the rust. Then I painted it with damp-proof red primer, and undercoating. It has been a year since I did this, and it hasn’t leaked since. Certainly worth the time, as the Seal-All costs only 60¢ vs. $100+ for a new tank.

Marvel Oil is made by Marvel Oil Co. Inc., Port Chester, N.Y.; Seal-All by Allen Products Co., Detroit, Ml 48204, both are available in hardware stores.

Author: David R. Schubring


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