How to Install Hand-operated Choke for Two-Barrel Carbs

Owners of two-barrel carb 2002 who are fed up with the stock electric/hot water choke on their cars can convert to a hand-operated choke with the purchase of a kit designed for use on American iron. Manufactured by AM Company of Boston, the Redex Handchoke Adapter #DLX-22 for around $5 is what you need.

Follow the simple instructions but note that you must file away the blue plastic cover where the three mounting screws go in and also where the cover fits over the three alignment protrusions on the choke housing.

Use the stock brass colored retaining ring to hold the cover on. The cable provided is an el cheapo and is too long, so get an OEM cable from a one-barrel 2002 or 1600 which is very high quality and just the right length. Secure it to the rearward-most screw on the secondary dashpot with one of the clips provided and align so that the cable is perpendicular to the choke operating rod to which it attaches.

Mount the other end of the choke cable in the empty space to the left of the steering column where the choke would mount on a one-barrel 2002. You end up with two basic settings: full choke and half choke.

The choke knob has only about three-fourths of an inch travel as opposed to the 2l/2-inch travel of the one-barrel choke cable and this takes a little getting used to. The choke idle speed can be adjusted by loosening the two nuts on the choke throttle rod and turning accordingly.

A little white grease here and there for lubrication and you’re all set. Choke it yourself and save gas!

Author: Denis Brennan
Willow Grove, PA


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