Carburetor Parts For Six Cylinder BMW

Your six cylinder has Zenith 35-40 INAT carburetors and, if you plan to work on them, here’s some information well worth retaining. Mercedes Benz models 220SB, 230, 230s, 250S, 250C, 280S, 280C use the same basic carburetor.

For instance, M-B 000-071-07-18 accelerator pump piston is the same as old BMW 1311 1 255 997, superseded by 1311 1 262 879. Funny thing the M-B part lists for $12.89, the BMW for $13.03. Pretty close, though.

Sears Part No. C28HD65024V is the Beck-Arnley Rebuild Kit #162-8536 (ZE-12K) and costs $5.89, plus shipping. Karzundpartz member price is $4.75 each. I’ve seen ’em elsewhere listed as high as $13.25!

Author: Stan Simm


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