BMW Fuel Injection System Adjustments

One topic which never seems to appear in the Roundel is how to adjust the fuel injection system. Do you plan to address this topic soon? — Michael J. Holtz

Repair and adjustment to either the L- or K-Jetronic injection system are best left to competent professionals. Space in the Roundel does not allow the lengthy explanations, diagrams, and procedures that would be required for do-it-yourselfers to proceed.

For those willing to part with $45, the Automotive Service Department of Robert Bosch will provide a 2-volume Jetronic Manual that covers complete service information for in-car testing and repair of all cars equipped with Robert Bosch EFI (D and L-Jetronic) and CIS (K-Jetronic) injection systems.

For further information, write to:

Robert Bosch Corp.,
Dept S/AMA,
2800 5. 25th Ave.,
Broadview, IL 60153

Ask for literature number 222104. Tech Ed.


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