One topic which never seems to appear in the Roundel is how to adjust the fuel injection system. Do you plan to address this topic soon? — Michael J. Holtz

Repair and adjustment to either the L- or K-Jetronic injection system are best left to competent professionals. Space in the Roundel does not allow the lengthy explanations, diagrams, and procedures that would be required for do-it-yourselfers to proceed.

For those willing to part with $45, the Automotive Service Department of Robert Bosch will provide a 2-volume Jetronic Manual that covers complete service information for in-car testing and repair of all cars equipped with Robert Bosch EFI (D and L-Jetronic) and CIS (K-Jetronic) injection systems.

For further information, write to:

Robert Bosch Corp.,
Dept S/AMA,
2800 5. 25th Ave.,
Broadview, IL 60153

Ask for literature number 222104. Tech Ed.