BMW 2002tii Clogged Belt Maintenance

The BMW 2002tii has a thin cogged belt that drives a cogged belt pulley from the V-belt pulley, which in turn drives the injection pump. This belt should be checked periodically for signs of wear. Should the belt break, the car is immobile.

The belt’s location is found to the right of the fan (looking at the engine from the front) at a 45 degree angle. The belt is housed under a black plastic dust cover which when detached by loosening four bolts, reveals the cogged belt for inspection.

Cogged belt renewal is described in Section 13 52101, page 13-52/1 of the workshop manual. I suggest that a copy be made of this one-page section and that it be kept in the glove compartment for reference. A spare belt, BMW part 13 521259 269 should be ordered from your dealer whether you plan to replace it yourself or to have someone else do it. There is a good possibility that the dealer will not have it when you need it, so at $10.95 it’s a good investment. There have been failures at under 18,000 miles and at over 50,000 miles.

Author: K.J. Hillers


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