BMW 2002 Two Barrel Carburetor Caution

While re-jetting my 1974 BMW 2002 carburetor, I checked the visible assembly screws to see if all was secure, for Michel Potheau, BMWCCA’s Tech Editor had warned that the prespray tube lock screws could loosen up. (Roundel, Vol. V, No. 9).

Indeed, these lock screws were loose, but more frightening than that, the two small screws holding the choke butterfly valve onto its shaft were so loose that they surely would have been sucked into the engine within the next hundred miles! That’s frightening!

Make sure these are tight as well as all other parts near or in the carb throat. If anything solid were to make its way into the valves or combustion chamber, ouch and expletive deleted, curses, etc.

Author: Doug Baxter
(Reprinted from the Connecticut Valley Chapter’s Die Zeitung )


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