Use of Anti-Foulers

If your BMW fouls its spark plugs, use anti-foulers with care.

Generally available in auto parts stores, anti-foulers are first screwed onto the spark plug and then screwed into the cylinder head.

Use of anti-foulers may increase plug tip temperatures to the point where pre-ignition may occur, consequently damaging the engine.

If it becomes necessary to use anti-foulers, perhaps while you are waiting to have a ring job done, check the plugs frequently for burning away of the electrode and discontinue use if the engine pre-ignites. (Based on information contained in Champion Spark Plug’s Service Corner.)

In conversation between Michel Potheau, BMWCCA Tech Editor, and Thomas McGurn, Rainer Fruechtnicht, Til Roemer, and Jim Ryan of BMW of North America concerning the BMWCCA Techline, one of the points which came out was that the points and condenser are not interchangeable between the 1975 and earlier and 1976 BMW 2002. Although they physically fit, they do not function properly if changed, burning out in a short time.

Author: Michel Potheau


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