Rejetting Carburator 1974 2002

After waiting 2l-1/2 months for the proper size jets, I finally rejetted my 1974 2002 according to the specs published in Motortech BMW’s book.

The owners manual shows the 1974 2002 with a Solex 32/32 DIDTA carb to be jetted as follows:

  • Primary main jet 117.5
  • Secondary main jet 140.0
  • Air corrector primary 120.0
  • Air corrector secondary 90.0
  • Idle jet 47.5

I replaced the primary main jet with a 120.0 and changed the air corrector secondary to a 105.0.

I also advanced the nut on the accelerator pump linkage by 1% turns, thus giving a little more fuel to each squirt upon acceleration.

After reassembly I adjusted the idling mixture screw, using an air/fuel ratio meter, to get a CO reading of 1.8% with an air/fuel ratio of 13.8 to 1.

Results: FANTASTIC! Smooth strong performance throughout the entire range. No stumbling or surging whatsoever. It was hard to believe that such a small modification could make such a large difference in performance.

Author: Doug Baxter
Cromwell, CT


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