BMW 2002 Throttle Linkage Adjustment

Over the years I have found that almost all BMWs I’ve looked at or owned were not getting the throttle all the way open! The throttle cable stretches over time to the point where they may only be getting 3/4 open. The easiest horsepower you will ever get is to readjust the cable. Open the hood, and look at the throttle linkage.

  1. With the car off, step on the gas pedal, pressing it all the way to the floor. Do this several times until you re sure where the linkage stops.
  2. Now, from under the hood, open the throttle with your hand as far as it will go. Does it stop in the same place? Probably not! Another way to check is to have someone hold the gas pedal down, and then with your hand see if you can open it further. If so, the next step is to adjust the cable.
  3. The throttle cable runs from the throttle linkage into the black cable housing a few inches from the end of the cable, and is held in place by a metal bracket. The end of the throttle cable housing is threaded, and it runs through a 17mm nut that is attached to the bracket by a rubber grommet.
  4. Hold the 17mm nut on the grommet with one wrench and turn the cable end counterclockwise with a 13 mm wrench, both of which should be in your tool kit. You can see the end of the cable back out of the housing as you do this, making the cable to the throttle SHORTER. Now try the throttle again, double checking to make sure it gets all the way open.
  5. Test drive it! Hope it makes as big a difference in your car as it did in mine.

Author: Jeff Krause


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