BMW 2002 Wiring Modifications

Here are some modifications to the BMW-Bosch fog light instructions for 1975 and 1976 BMW 2002 under part 4 – wiring.

Expose the fuse box terminals by unscrewing the fuse box and lifting up. Using a blue 3M parallel connector supplied with the kit, connect the green wire from the switch to the yellow wire which is common to fuse terminals #9 (low beam left) and #10 (low beam right).

Now, when you have the fog lamps on with the low beams and then put on the high beams, the fog lamps will go out like they are supposed to. When the ignition is turned off while the low beams and the fog lamps are on, the parking lights will be the only lights that remain on.

If you decide to use the custom switch (pn 61 311 353 589), follow the 530i wiring instructions for the custom switch. Mount it where the green dummy switch is, on the center console above the radio.

Make sure that you ground the bumper since you may not get a good ground through the shock absorbing bumper system.

Author: Raymond H. Biemiller


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