Permanent Door Check

A more permanent solution is to weld the yoke into place with an arc welder. Also, the door check itself is very prone to breakage. It is easy to replace. Drive the pin out, then remove the two ten-mm bolts (actually they are 6-mm with a 10 mm head). Pry open the lower edge of the door panel and fish the old one out Often the assembly is cracked, allowing the door to close and not “check” properly.

Once every two years it wouldn’t be a bad idea to remove the assembly and lubricate it. Should the one on the driver’s side fail, the passenger’s side check is identical. If you want to save about $10 and not buy the new part from your dealer, then you’re faced with a passenger door which doesn’t stay open.

This fix works on both fours and sixes. Note that the check for front and rear doors on sixes is different!

Author: Tech Ed.


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