I make a great upgrade/replacement door brake check stop for BMW 2002’s.

Discovering the high cost of the BMW replacement part, I came up with this door brake design when restoring my BMW 2002 and replacing the terrible original door brakes.

I have sold over 42 sets of these brakes on Ebay with very positive feedback and no returns.

BMW 2002 Door Brakes Upgrade replacement part: $110/set

BMW 2002 Door Brakes Upgrade replacement part: $110/set

The Ebay item number is (330292849211) and they sell for $110.00 U.S plus shipping for a set of 2 brakes.

Note: These BMW 2002 door brakes are made and sold by Harry Davis. Harry is located in Rancho Cucamonga CA. 91737 and ships worldwide. For additional information about these brakes, please contact Harry Davis directly at creativesales.comments@gmail.com

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