As a new member who owns a 1976 2002, I have had a few problems. My most recent one was with the door check linkage. A loud snapping sound was made when the door was opening.

I searched through the $40, 3-inch-thick manual and found nothing to help me.

At first I thought the problem was in the door, but then noticed that the door check link which is attached to the body was moving. The yoke which is welded to the body was loose

I drove the pin out part way and put the punch in the lower portion of the yoke so it wouldn’t fall into the body pillar. I then bored through the yoke and pillar with a 10/32 tap drill, tapped the yoke and screwed it back into position. It’s apparently a good fix, but I would appreciate a better solution.

Author: William Ewart Adams, Jr.