For ashtray less Frigikings and Behr units that blow ashes everywhere, try installing 3.0CS or rear seat Bavaria ashtrays in one or both doors. The ashtrays can be ordered from a dealer (or found at a junkyard) to match any interior (about $10 each) and are easily installed. Cut out a 17/8″ by 3-3/4″ piece of the door panel and insert. I have put these in both a BMW 2002 and a BMW 2002tii and they are as attractive as they are functional.

The new Blaupunkt CR-4090 auto-reverse cassette deck with AM-FM stereo fits into the Behr A/C unit for all BMW 2002. It is a much shorter unit than the older CR-4074 and 4075 and fits the 530i as well.

Author: Julie Curtis