Ashtrays and Tape Decks Replacement Options

For ashtray less Frigikings and Behr units that blow ashes everywhere, try installing 3.0CS or rear seat Bavaria ashtrays in one or both doors. The ashtrays can be ordered from a dealer (or found at a junkyard) to match any interior (about $10 each) and are easily installed. Cut out a 17/8″ by 3-3/4″ piece of the door panel and insert. I have put these in both a BMW 2002 and a BMW 2002tii and they are as attractive as they are functional.

The new Blaupunkt CR-4090 auto-reverse cassette deck with AM-FM stereo fits into the Behr A/C unit for all BMW 2002. It is a much shorter unit than the older CR-4074 and 4075 and fits the 530i as well.

Author: Julie Curtis

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  1. Michael

    I was just wondering if you or anyone had a picture of either of these two items. The ashtrays and / or the radio. Thanks for all the great info.

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