BMW Subframe Fatigue Inspection Tip

BMW Subframe — something you should check on your BMW 2002 as soon as possible.

Very carefully inspect the angled portion of the subframe to which is attached the driver’s side motor mount. You’ll notice that this bracket has a bend in it in order to clear the steering box. The bend area may fatigue on some cars, especially around 40,000+ miles.

Be sure to check the back of the bracket from under the car also, since a crack on that side can’t be seen from “topside.” If it’s just starting to crack, it can be welded by ‘most any ‘ competent welding shop.

You can have the repaired area reinforced with steel plates at the same time. If it’s too far gone, you’ll need to replace the entire subframe the bracket is welded to.

The cost is $150 +, so check it out soon. The cost of welding my subframe, incidentally, was $6.00! Thanks to Dennis Cloud of Miller and Norburn for this helpful hint.

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