Ideal CB Radio Location in a BMW Bavaria

Thought I’d pass along what I think is the ideal location for a CB in the BMW Bavaria series cars.

A slide-out bracket bolts neatly to the drop-down door for the hood release; drill holes right through it and use large washers inside the door to distribute the load across the slightly flimsy structure.

Drill a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the door and run the wire ends from the bracket inside the door, to keep them out of sight.

Take the long wires that came with your CB and run them right through the hood release tube and into the engine compartment, where you can bolt the power lead right to the battery terminal nut and the ground to any good ground.

PA speaker wires can be routed the same way, and the speaker itself can be dropped down, horn up, behind the left headlight assembly, where it will happily rest without any bolts. Friendly greetings from a passing BMW will amaze your pedestrian types!

Antennas will mount nicely on the left rear deck edge, which is a better location than the front edge of the deck, as it affords better signal propagation. Run the coax cable (sans connector) through the ventilation slots or headrest holes in the rear deck area into your car’s interior.

In eight months of CB’ing, I’ve talked to only two other BMWs. That’s a shame knowing where Smokey’s at has put the fun back into driving again for me. Next time you’re near Springfield, Va., give a shout to Sky King and we’ll have us a BMW convoy.

Author: Gary W. Allen


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