CB Radio Installation in 1974 BMW 2002

The November 1977 Roundel article concerning the basics of CB radio installation prompted me to investigate the feasibility of finding a suitable in-dash combination CB radio unit for my 1974 2002 with Behr air conditioning.

Owners of such cars will attest to the limited space available between the alc faceplate and the transmission hump.With the patience and cooperation of a local firm specializing in the installation of conventional and CB radios, I was able to “trial fit” several different brand/model configurations of in-dash combination CB radio units.

I chose a Panasonic CR-4700 EU, a 40-channel CB with AM/FM/MPX® Panasonic is to be congratulated on its efforts to include an excellent, easy-to-read set of instructions specially tailored for “do-it-yourself” types like me. They also include a generous assortment of hardware to aid in the installation process.

I found that by carefully modifying the Behr A/C’s plastic faceplate cutout and by off-setting the Panasonic unit about 3116 of an inch to the right, the standard transmission gearshift lever would clear the volume controls and microphone connection when the lever is in first or reverse.

I like the small mike as it will fit easily in the glove box. My only dissatisfaction with the unit is the red LED channel selection readout display, which can be difficult to read on bright, sunny days when you are wearing sunglasses. I am fabricating a sun screening cover to remedy this problem.

Author: Jim Robinson


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