How To Know When Brake Fluid Has Been Completely Flushed

As we are all aware, the brake fluid in our beloved BMW’s is supposed to be changed at least once every twelve months under normal operating conditions. How do we know if it has been flushed and changed? ATE might help us with this answer.

ATE currently produces and markets two DOT4 brake fluids with the identical specifications:

* Dry boiling point of 536 degrees Fahrenheit which is 122 degrees Fahrenheit above DOT4 Specifications, which is Super Racing Blue

* Wet boiling point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit which is 113 degrees Fahrenheit above DOT4 Specifications, which is Original Brake Fluid TVP 200.

Other than packaging, the primary difference between the two is color. The Blue is blue in color and the 200 is clear or light amber in color. This facilitates flushing and changing fluid such that if used alternately, the flusher will know that the job is done correctly when the color change is complete.

Author: Bob Van Epps
Everglades Chapter


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